(April 25, 2013)

Centenary completes campus upgrades

SHREVEPORT, LA — The Fall 2013 semester will begin with a milestone for Centenary Renewal, a multifaceted campus investment initiative featuring renovations and improvements which began in May 2011. Once the rooms in Rotary Hall are converted to full apartment-style suites this summer, all residence halls will feature updated and inviting spaces in which Centenary students can learn, live, and lead.

Centenary renewal logo

"The focus throughout our renewal efforts has been and will continue to be our students and the Centenary Experience," said Chris Sampite, Director of Facilities. "Not only do we want to offer them a comfortable space but also we want them to see how sustainability and energy efficiency can make a difference here on campus and in the world around them."

The upgrades are just one part of the $5.5 million, multi-year reinvestment in the College's campus. Centenary has made significant progress in behind-the-scenes as well as visible improvements, pushing forward Centenary's drive for a more sustainable future.

Some of the most notable improvements to the campus have been made to Mickle Hall of Science, which received almost $1 million in updates and renovations to labs and rooms throughout the building. Energy efficient lighting and heating and cooling systems have also been placed throughout the campus, making a direct and immediate contribution to sustainability efforts at Centenary.

Student-led initiatives for Centenary Renewal have enhanced the intramural athlete experience and the arts community at the College. A new scoreboard, pavilion, and picnic tables were installed on Jones Rice Field, and the Hargrove Memorial Amphitheatre received aesthetic enhancements.

To learn more about completed projects as well as those in the planning stages, visit the Centenary Renewal page.