(May 4, 2013)

Centenary awards 225 diplomas May 4 during 2013 commencement

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary's 2013 graduates have moved on the next chapter of their lives after crossing the stage at commencement, Saturday, May 4.

Candidates for degree include 182 students earning bachelor's degrees and 36 receiving master's degrees in education or business. Eleven students will graduate summa cum laude, having earned grade point averages of 3.9 or higher. Thirty students have earned the magna cum laude designation, with a 3.7 to 3.89 GPA, and 26 achieved cum laude status, having earned a 3.5 to 3.69 GPA.

This year, Rev. Dr. Mouzon Biggs, Jr. '62, Senior Minister at Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, delivered the commencement address. He along with Chief Judge Carl Stewart and his father, Richard Stewart, received honorary degrees.


Julie Christine Butler
Margaret Louise Crowley
Everett Dean Grimley
Brenton Mark Gryder
Justine Marie Kemp
Thomas Eugene Keys III
Kyle Rhoads Kraemer
Alexandra Elizabeth Larsen
Lea Rachelle Richmond
Jordan Elizabeth Ring
Hannah Lee Shirley


Payton Orme Bannon
Isadora Alexandra Bickham
Jackson B. Blankstein
Stephanie Jean Boyd
Harry Chiang
Elizabeth Renee Dilks
Jamie Renee' Dyche
Adam A. Ghaemmaghami
Erica Rochelle Glidewell
Jeridan Breann Green
Rachel Marie Grinnell
Rebecca C. Gruettner
Taylor Madison Hairston
James Reginald Hall IV
Kendall Marie Hughes
Laura Elizabeth Huning
Katie R. James
Cara Renee? Lamb
Jessica Anne Lee
Maria Victoria Luraguiz
Charles Louis Madden
Krista Elise McKinney
Sarah Anne Merino
Chad Earl Nelson
Melanie Wilkie Queen
Rachel Anne Richardson
Kathlyn Rivers
Kelley Noelle Savage
Taylor Renee Sparks
Kristen Marie Stevenson
Ashley Marie Twyman


Joy Elizabeth Berry
Morgan Claire Brewton
Anuj C. Chaniyara
Dessie Lee Clark
Courtney DeAnn Cleveland
Allannah Jane Cortes
Kaitlin Elizabeth Davis
Anita Nicole Escott
Kelly M. Fossard
Gerhardt R. Funk
Gregory Brock Jackson
Rebecca Grace Jordan
Todd Aaron LaFarlette
Jessica Lynn Lieblich
Luke Joseph Lisherness
Adam Robert Littleton
Thien Ly Thuy Nguyen
Marcie Ellen Ratcliff
Michael Crosbie Reeks
Nicolette Denée Rogers
Jeffrey Michael Schaffert
Michael R. Schwandt
Joshua D. Scott
Preston Cole Thompson
David Matthew Volentine


The following students have distinguished themselves by achieving Departmental Honors in the designated disciplines, signifying the completion of an intensive research project with presentation of the results to student peers and faculty.

Isadora Alexandra Bickham, Communication
Anuj C. Chaniyara, Biochemistry
Harry Chiang, Biology
Dessie Lee Clark, Psychology
Elizabeth Dilks, Religious Studies
Erica Rochell Glidewell, Neuroscience
Jeridan Breann Green, Sociology
Everett Dean Grimley, Chemistry
Everett Dean Grimley, Biophysics
James Reginald Hall IV, Neuroscience
James Reginald Hall IV, Biology
Kendall Marie Hughes, Religion
Gregory Brock Jackson, Finance
Kyle Rhoads Kraemer, Psychology
Caitlin R. Lindsay, Art
Luke Joseph Lisherness, Chemistry
Adam Robert Littleton, Psychology
Maria Victoria Luraguiz, Neuroscience
Krista Elise McKinney, Communication
Matthew Henry Pittman, Chemistry
Marcie Ellen Ratcliff, Music
Joshua D. Scott, Finance
Jeffrey Michael Schaffert, Psychology


Barry James Acosta II, Theatre
Laura Arely Adame Tellez, Elementary Education
Don Durant Adley, Jr., Psychology
Karley Jayde Aiken, Communication: Professional Writing
Andra Rose Armstrong, Biology
Zoe Christiane Auld, Psychology and Music: Performance
Joy Elizabeth Berry, Communication: Professional Writing and Spanish
Isadora Alexandra Bickham, Communication: Film, Television and Video
Olivia Marie Bozant, French
David Daniel Burch, Music
Taylor Nicole Burgess, Art: Studio Arts
Julie Christine Butler, Art: Studio Arts
Katie Louise Caldwell, French
Dessie Lee Clark, Psychology
Kayla Marie Clemons, Psychology
Courtney DeAnn Cleveland, Psychology and Art: Visual Culture
Matthew Tyler Creamer, Biology
Margaret Louise Crowley, Biology
Kaitlin Elizabeth Davis, Elementary Education
Kaitlin Elizabeth Davis, Latin
Peter Ray DeCuir, Jr., Theatre
Elizabeth Renee Dilks, Religious Studies
Benjamin G. Donaldson, Physics
Jamie Renee' Dyche, Elementary Education
Stephanie Fayth Evans, Biology
Steven Anthony Finley, Biology
Anna Genevieve Fontenot, Art: Visual Culture
Hillary Andrea Frazier, Communication: Film, Television and Video and Art: Studio Art
Jay Patrick Frazier, Psychology
Jessica Leigh Garris, Psychology
Shunequika Jorna Gilmore, Communication: Film, Television and Video
Jeridan Breann Green, Sociology
Rachel Marie Grinnell, Biology and Psychology
Brian I. Gruettner, German Studies
Brenton Mark Gryder, History
Kenneth Michael Guin, Music: Composition
Phyllis L. Hafer, Elementary Education
Taylor Madison Hairston, Communication: Professional Writing and Art: Visual Culture
Christian Conley Hataway, Communication: Film, Television and Video
Catherine Leah Hathaway, Music: Sacred Music
Chelsi Travis Hefner, Music
Hannah Nicole Henderson, Religious Studies
Heather Marie Herhold, Psychology
Amanda Lee A. Hock, Biology and Music
Anna Kathryn Hockaday, Psychology
Amanda J. Holt, Psychology
John Jacob Hooper-Shaffer, Music
Julie Anna Hughes, Biology
Kendall Marie Hughes, Biology and Religious Studies
Katie R. James, Art: Visual Culture
Rebecca Grace Jordan, Music: Choral Music
Diana Elise Keele, Communication: New Media
Justin Hoell Kennedy, Religious Studies
Kyle Rhoads Kraemer, Psychology and Biology
Cara F. Lavender, Music
Daniel S. Lazarou, Communication: New Media
Caitlin R. Lindsay, Art: Studio Arts
Adam Robert Littleton, Psychology
Nicholas K. Long, Psychology
Cara Renee Loria, Psychology
Charles Louis Madden, Art: Studio Arts
Taylor Alexander McCook, Psychology
Krista Elise McKinney, Communication: Film, Television and Video and Art: Studio Arts
Sarah Anne Merino, Elementary Education
Hadley McRae Million, English
Holly Nicole Moore, Art: Studio Arts and Communication: Film, Television and Video
Morgan Justic Morey, Theatre
Michael D. Naquin, Psychology and Philosophy
Chad Earl Nelson, Communication: Professional Writing
Craneisha Quane Nettles, Psychology
Ross Michael Olivier, Geology
Marion Curtis Paton, Theatre
Francis Joseph Petitto, Philosophy
Joanna Brice Plattsmier, Biology
Stefan D. Pressyanov, Communication: Professional Writing
Melanie Wilkie Queen, Psychology
Joshua M. Rabalais, Theatre
Brittany Nicole Richardson, English
Rachel Anne Richardson, Psychology
Lea Rachelle Richmond, Art: Studio Arts
Austin Chase Rinehart, Religious Studies
Jordan Elizabeth Ring, Political Science
Kathlyn Rivers, English
Nicolette Denée Rogers, Biology
Kyndal Kay Rose, English
Devin Ross, Psychology
Kelley Noelle Savage, Psychology
Jeffrey Michael Schaffert, Psychology
Michael R. Schwandt, Religious Studies
Lindsey Noelle Sconce, English
Amanda Shackleton, Psychology
Hannah Lee Shirley, Elementary Education
Shelby Redden Singleton, English
Lauren Amber Sowell, Communication: New Media
Taylor Renee Sparks, Biology
Forrest Glenn Stutts, Psychology
Randi Latia Sweeting, French
Whitney Erin Tates, Art: Studio Arts
Hope Leigh Vollm, History and Art: Visual Culture, Museum Management
Lauren Brooke Wadlington, Communication: Film, Television and Video
Victoria E. Whitaker, Biology
Rachael Lynette Williams, Psychology
Rachel Nicole Wise, Communication: Professional Writing
Andrew Paul Wood, Theatre
Nathan Yacovissi, Communication: New Media
Christopher DeWayne Youngblood, Communication: Professional Writing


Gregory P. Anderson, Music Education-Instrumental
Stephanie Jean Boyd, Music, Vocal Performance
Peyton Scott Davis, Music Education-Vocal
Amanda Kate Geneux, Music Education-Vocal
Thomas Eugene Keys III, Music Theory & Composition
Cara Renee? Lamb, Music, Piano Performance
Jessica Nicole Lehman, Music Education-Vocal
Sarah Kathryn Lerchie, Music Education-Vocal
Adrien Camille Elizabeth May, Music Performance Orchestral
Sara Elizabeth Patronella, Music, Vocal Performance
Marcie Ellen Ratcliff, Music, Vocal Performance
Samantha Renae Saffle, Music Education-Instrumental
John Christian Walsh, Music Performance Orchestral


Joshua Rashad Atkins, Chemistry
Amjad Isam Azzawe, Biology
Payton Orme Bannon, Biology
Jackson B. Blankstein, Mathematics
Samuel David Bonham, Business Administration
Morgan Claire Brewton, Health and Exercise Science
David Daniel Burch, Biology
Anuj C. Chaniyara, Biochemistry
Harry Chiang, Biology
Allannah Jane Cortes, Accounting and Business Administration
Anita Nicole Escott, Neuroscience
Kelly M. Fossard, Health and Exercise Science
Gerhardt R. Funk, Physics
Gerhardt R. Funk, Mathematics
Adam A. Ghaemmaghami, Finance and Business Economics
Erica Rochelle Glidewell, Neuroscience
Christopher George Goetz, Chemistry
Everett Dean Grimley, Biophysics
Everett Dean Grimley, Chemistry
Rebecca C. Gruettner, Biology
James Reginald Hall IV, Biology
James Reginald Hall IV, Neuroscience
Kalyn Marie Harris, Health and Exercise Science
Lanita J. Holmes, Accounting and Business Administration
Lanita J. Holmes, Finance
Laura Elizabeth Huning, Biochemistry
Gregory Brock Jackson, Business Administration and Finance
Justine Marie Kemp, Neuroscience
Thomas Eugene Keys III, Business Administration
Samarra Kindrell Kinchen, Neuroscience
Jennifer Nicole King, Biology
Todd Aaron LaFarlette, Business Economics and Business Administration
Alexandra Elizabeth Larsen, Mathematics
Jessica Anne Lee, Biology
Jessica Lynn Lieblich, Biology
Luke Joseph Lisherness, Biochemistry
Craig Littleman, Business Administration: Management
Maria Victoria Luraguiz, Neuroscience

Charles Louis Madden, Chemistry
Christine Nicole Martinez, Business Administration and Finance
Stephens Young McVea, Business Administration
Vashni D'Ara Sharp-Moore, Health and Exercise Science
Kyle Brennan Morton, Business Administration
Maxx Hart Nakwaasah, Accounting and Finance
Maxx Hart Nakwaasah, Business Administration
Thien Ly Thuy Nguyen, Biology
Cedric Corwin Nickerson, Accounting
Atique Mohammed Nowroze, Neuroscience
Holden Grace Penney, Business Administration
Adam Joseph Pennington, Biology
Matthew Henry Pittman, Chemistry
Robert Wendell Ramirez, Business Economics and Business Administration
Michael Crosbie Reeks, Physics
Jalena Rachelle Sanders, Accounting and Business Administration
Hayley Marie Schneider, Health and Exercise Science
Joshua D. Scott, Business Economics and Finance
John M. Seat, Health and Exercise Science
Kristin Paige Slack, Accounting and Business Administration
Wesley Ryne Smith, Business Administration: Accounting
Kristen Marie Stevenson, Biology
Trevor Allen Stine, Geology
Christopher R. Sullivan, Physics
Lauren Elyse Swift, Business Administration
Justin Alan Terracciano, Biology
Preston Cole Thompson, Accounting and Business Administration
Ashley Marie Twyman, Biology
Matthew Ryan Mack Ursua, Chemistry
Andrea M. Violet, Business Administration and Accounting
David Matthew Volentine, Geology
Britney Casandra Waters, Accounting and Business Administration
Sarah Kaye Wilkes, Geology


Rodney Wayne Bozeman, Secondary Education
Elizabeth Mary Broughton, Elementary Education
Martha Durham Castro, Secondary Education
Neely Claassen, Elementary Education
Beth Emily Craft, Secondary Education
Shannon Louise Dixon, Elementary Education
Elizabeth Hernandez Dzvonick, Secondary Education
Herbert Earnest, Jr., Secondary Education
Lynsie Fielder Foster, Secondary Education

Dorothy Shannon Harper Fuller, Elementary Education
Stephen James Goebel, Secondary Education
Camille Elizabeth Guyton, Secondary Education
Cary Joseph Hebert, Secondary Education
Colin Ryan Johnson, Elementary Education
Laura Cannon Jorgensen, Secondary Education
Latoya Renee' Lindsay, Elementary Education
Mary Meaghan Long, Secondary Education
Stephen A. Masters, Secondary Education
Virginia Katherine Mather, Music K - 12
Andrew Britton Medlin, Secondary Education
Harrice Mitchell, Elementary Education
Joan Celeste Regard, Secondary Education
Marco Antonio Reyes, Secondary Education
Kelly Rene Roberson, Secondary Education
Lauren Michelle Wegner, Elementary Education


William Jeffrey Abney, Business Administration
George Kevin Baxter, Business Administration
Quyen Dinh Chu, M.D., Business Administration
Trina Trinhthi Chu, Business Administration
Christy Lee Cowden, Business Administration
Lee Evans Grigsby, Business Administration
Lisa B. Lorenzato, Business Administration
Katherine McCullin, Business Administration
Clifford Doyle Newell III, Business Administration
Lawrence Russo III, Business Administration
Cigdem Yildirim, Business Administration


Mouzon Biggs, Jr.'62, Doctor of Divinity, Honoris Causa

Carl E. Stewart H'98, Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa

Richard G. Stewart, Sr., Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa