(June 19, 2013)

Latino culture explored during May Module

SHREVEPORT, LA — Professor Loren Demerath and a group of Centenary students explored "Latino Culture in the Arklatex" during the 2013 May Module. This two-week course allowed students the opportunity to explore issues such as stereotyping and civil status related to Latino populations living in the surrounding area.

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Centenary Senior Tendresse Sul

In addition to classroom discussion and lectures, the course also had a travel component. Demerath and the students took a one-day excursion to Dallas to explore Latino cultural issues across the Texas state line.

While exploring a Latino neighborhood, the class had the opportunity to engage in several meaningful, cultural interactions while dining in restaurants, dancing at a dancehall, and shopping in Hispanic shops. Senior Tendresse Sul had this to write about her experience in a Latino dance club:

"At first I was intimidated because people on the dance floor were dancing like professionals. But I finally danced, and it was great. One thing I noticed was that the Latino men there were not afraid to ask women to dance with them. All you had to do was start moving by yourself and someone would come and ask you to dance."

May Module courses fulfill requirements for Trek, an innovative program through which all Centenary students participate in experiential learning by exploring opportunities in the areas of career, culture, and community.