(August 30, 2013)

Centenary French studies recommended for accreditation

SHREVEPORT, LA — French studies at Centenary is the first program to be recommended for accreditation by the Conseil Américain pour l'Accréditation du Français en Éducation (CAAFE). The Louisiana-based national certifying organization's purpose is to "promote educational quality and institutional probity in the teaching of French language and Francophone literatures within higher education."

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Dr. Dana Kress, Chair of the Foreign Language Department

Dr. Dana Kress, Chair of the Foreign Language Department is honored by the recommendation. "It was a privilege to have someone from outside our institution see our program as advanced and dynamic," said Kress.

CAAFE, comprised of a consortium of French language professors from Louisiana colleges and universities, offers accreditation in addition to a traditional Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) endorsement.

"This consortium decided that it was time to come up with an accrediting agency that would be beneficial for our French departments," said Kress. "CAAFE exists because the group understands they need to police themselves. As a result, institutions that complete the process will be able to market their program as maintaining rigorous standards."

According to the letter of evaluation, CAAFE praised Centenary's French program as "one of the finest French centers in the country, offering Centenary students an impressive array of unique learning opportunities in and outside the classroom," and Kress is pleased.

Other attributes of the department include the only student-published French newspaper in the nation, Le Tintamarre, impressive exchange programs, and a Department Head who serves as an honorary Consul of the French diplomatic corps.

"For an institution the size of Centenary, we're doing really, really well," said Kress.

The accreditation process will complete in late October once the CAAFE board accepts the recommendation.