(September 12, 2013)

Reverend Josh Milliron accepted into clergy leadership program

SHREVEPORT, LA — Reverend Josh Milliron '96, pastor of Moss Bluff United Methodist Church, is one of five young clergy selected from Louisiana to participate in the Advanced Pastoral Leadership program. This five-year training course is designed to assist emerging clergy leaders in developing their potential for future leadership.

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Revered Josh Milliron '96

"This opportunity came along just at the right time for me. It is a real honor to have been chosen as one of the five from the state of Louisiana," said Milliron

The United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana is sponsoring Milliron and four other participants. Each applicant had to be ordained in the United Methodist Church, serve in the Louisiana Conference, and have at least 30 years of potential remaining service. Milliron underwent an extensive selection process that included submitting a sermon video, participating in an interview, and obtaining affirmation from his District Superintendent and the Bishop.

Session topics will cover issues such as discernment of leadership gifts and creation of development goals; current realities of the UMC and engaging staff and congregation in strategic planning; implementing change and managing resistance; preaching content and style; budgets and basic church accounting, personal financial planning; and setting a personalized growth and development plan.

"This program is about making an investment for the future ministry, and it's an honor that I was identified as a pastor who would give them a return on investment," said Milliron.