(October 8, 2013)

Louisiana, French leaders praise Centenary in Paris

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary's recently-announced initiative to send its 2014 entering class to Paris for immersive study at the start of the fall semester has already drawn acclaim from Louisiana and French officials, including the top French official in the state.

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Centenary in Paris

"Centenary College of Louisiana is about to launch what is a first in the history of study abroad for American universities: taking its entire freshman class to Paris," said Jean-Claude Brunet, Consul General of France in New Orleans. "The French Consulate in New Orleans supports this initiative and will facilitate the welcoming of these young students in France. I want to congratulate President Rowe and the faculty of Centenary College for such a meaningful decision. We understand and appreciate that Centenary is investing in the cultural and linguistic diversity that is native to Louisiana in order to broaden the connection of its students with the global world. France is proud and happy to be part of this academic project."

"I am pleased to support the French immersive initiative Centenary in Paris for the 2014 entering freshman class at Centenary College," said Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne. "What an exciting opportunity for students to study abroad and experience first-hand the French culture and expanded learning opportunities, which is such an integral part of Centenary's history and Louisiana's heritage. I congratulate the faculty and staff of Centenary College for their vision in this important endeavor."

"In today's global economy, it's important for young Louisianans to reach out to places with historical and cultural ties," said Louisiana State Representative Stephen Ortego who has championed legislation supporting French culture in Louisiana. "I'm excited that Centenary is providing that opportunity to its students. Centenary in Paris is an innovative way to not just facilitate orientation on the first day of class, but to facilitate orientation to our past, to our future, and to the world."

Centenary in Paris is part of the college's new August immersive segment of the fall semester. The intensive learning experience will support first-year students in creating strong bonds with classmates and the college. For more information, visit www.centenary.edu/paris.