(November 21, 2013)

Magale Library hosts "Fun to Grow" photography exhibit

SHREVEPORT, LA — Magale Library will feature the photographic works of artist Su Stella in the months of December and January. Stella's exhibit, entitled "Fun to Grow," showcases unique subjects such as "Mini," a record-breaking quarter-sized watermelon grown by Stella.

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"Mini" the watermelon, one of the many characters of Stella's exhibit

According to Stella's artist's statement, she took up gardening several years ago and ran into several surprises along the way including Mini who quickly became her muse for a photographic project.

Stella has been involved in art since her childhood. While the Magale exhibit will mainly feature her photography, she also utilizes painting, jewelry making, clay working, and other forms of art. A Boston native, Stella has lived in Louisiana for more than seven years.

"Fun to Grow" will be available for viewing through December and January in the lobby of Magale Library during regularly scheduled library hours.

For more information on Magale's current art exhibit, contact Kristi Kohl at email or by calling 318.869.5047.