(February 20, 2014)

Centenary welcomes Kappa Alpha Order student leaders

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary College will host nearly 200 student leaders and advisors from Kappa Alpha Order (KA), a national fraternity, Friday, February 21, through Saturday, February 22, for an annual regional leadership conference.

Centenary KA
Members are inducted into Centenary's Kappa Alpha Order chapter. Centenary chartered the Alpha Iota chapter of Kappa Alpha in 1891.

"We are really pleased to have been approached by the Kappa Alpha Order to host this year's regional conference," said Justin Kirkes, Centenary Residence Life Coordinator and Inter-Fraternity Council Advisor. "This is a great opportunity to showcase our beautiful campus and active student leaders. We are also so proud of the work the Centenary's Alpha Iota chapter has put in this semester to enrich not only their organization but also their community. They will represent Centenary well and serve as excellent hosts."

The Locke/White Province Council, the formal name for the leadership conference at Centenary, is one of eight leadership training meetings that will occur across the country this spring. Thousands of KA undergraduates gather to attend these regional educational programs featuring small group discussions, break out sessions, and keynote addresses.

"Participants will partake in officer training, leadership, risk management, recruitment, ritual, scholarship, member education, and values based education," said Jesse Lyons, Director of Communications for KA. "KA is proud to host the chapters from Oklahoma, western Arkansas, and all of Louisiana this year at Centenary. We thank them for all of their efforts to help accommodate one of our most important educational events this year."

Founded in 1865 at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, Kappa Alpha boasts nearly 130 chapters and more than 150,000 initiated members. Centenary chartered the Alpha Iota chapter of Kappa Alpha in 1891.

For more information contact Dean Mark Miller at email.