(March 17, 2014)

Psychology Department hosts Kinsey Institute's Dr. William Yarber

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary College's Psychology Department will host Dr. William Yarber of the Kinsey Institute Tuesday, March 25, for a convocation, "To Hook Up, or Not to Hook Up — Healthy Sexuality in the College Student."

Bill Yarber
Dr. William Yarber is coming to campus Tuesday, March 25

What: Dr. William Yarber of the Kinsey Institute
When: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 11:10 a.m.
Where: Kilpatrick Auditorium, Centenary College
Admission: Free and open to the public

Yarber has authored and co-authored more than 130 scientific reports in professional journals on sexual risk behavior and AIDS/STD prevention. He has received more than $4 million in federal and state grants to support his research and AIDS/STD prevention efforts. At the request of the U.S. federal government, Yarber published the country's first secondary school AIDS prevention curriculum, AIDS: What Young People Should Know. His secondary school curriculum, STD: A Guide for Today's Young Adults, is said to have elevated the health behavior approach to school STD prevention education. Yarber has also authored two other school STD/HIV prevention curricula and is co-author of the textbook Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America. This text is used in nearly 300 colleges and university throughout the United States.

He has chaired the National Guidelines Task Force that developed the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Kindergarten — 12th Grade and is also a former consultant to the World Health Organization on AIDS and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yarber regularly teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in human sexuality and HIV/STD. He was previously a faculty member at Purdue University and the University of Minnesota as well as a public high school health science and biology teacher.

The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University works toward advancing sexual health and knowledge worldwide. For over 60 years, the institute has been a trusted source for investigating and informing the world about critical issues in sex, gender, and reproduction.

In addition to the Psychology Department, Yarber's presentation is sponsored by the Convocations Committee. For more information, contact Dr. Amy Hammond at email.