(July 14, 2014)

Alumna returns as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary alumna Dr. Kathrine R. Weeks will return to Centenary this fall as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

Kathrine Weeks
Dr. Kathrine R. Weeks

"I'm excited about returning to Centenary's campus and working with the fantastic faculty, staff, and students," said Weeks. "Centenary College is where my interest in science developed into a passion for basic research and a pursuit of the unknown."

Weeks graduated from Centenary in 2005 with a bachelor of science in biochemistry. She later received her Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport. She went on to complete postdoctoral research at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. Most recently, Weeks taught as adjunct professor in the Kinesiology Department at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut.

During her time at Centenary, Weeks studied under Dr. Ernest Blakeney as a research assistant in the biochemistry department.

"The professor-student relationships were instrumental in guiding my decision to pursue an advanced degree, and as a professor, I hope that I can instill a love of learning in the next generation of Centenary students," said Weeks. "I'm grateful to the college and its faculty for their role in my development from curious student to chemistry professor, and I aim to give back by exposing new students to the fundamentals of chemistry, basic research, and the excitement that is discovery."