(October 9, 2014)

Students hone leadership skills at Centenary Leadership Conference

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary students honed leadership skills and discovered their potential during the Centenary Leadership Conference held Saturday, September 20.

Hosted by the Student Government Association, Residence Hall Association, and the Office of Student Involvement, the conference featured speakers from across campuses well as keynote speaker, Courtney Stephens '01.

Stephens was honored by the Houston West Chamber of Commerce as a 2012 Young Entrepreneur for her work as founder and president of QED Energy Associates, a company that trains engineering technicians for the oil and gas industry. As a student, Stephens was a founding member of the Residence Hall Association, a founding member of our National Residence Hall Honorary Chapter, and president of the Math Club.

"Part of what I am tasked with in Student Involvement is to create opportunities for students to explore and develop their leadership potential," said Director of Student Involvement Ashlie Daigle. "The Centenary Leadership Conference provided its attendees with training to enhance their leadership skills and better serve the organizations that they lead."

More than 40 students enjoyed a variety of sessions specifically designed to engage students at their current "leadership stage" as identified by their class year.

  • First Years — Connect: Budding student leader who wants to connect to an organization
  • Sophomores — Commit: Committed to one or more organizations and wants to deepen their impact
  • Juniors — Lead: Leader of one or more organizations interested in honing leadership skills
  • Seniors — Grow: Looking to leave a legacy and mentor those they are leading

"I really enjoyed the 'Big 3' session," said Unique Lister '18. "It was very informative and entertaining to hear from the Student Government Association, Centenary Activities Board, and Residence Hall Association on how they can help students start or join an organization. The program provided a lot of helpful insights."