(February 11, 2015)

Centenary's Director of Educational Outreach selected for Women's Commission

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary College's Director of Educational Outreach Jennifer Hill has been selected to be on the Shreveport Mayor's Women's Commission (SMWC). Hill works to help Centenary provide educational experiences for the broader Centenary community and to encourage young people and women to seek resources, skills, and knowledge to help them expand their opportunities for the future.

Jennifer Hill
Director of Educational Outreach Jennifer Hill

The SMWC is an organization that addresses social issues such as advocacy for women and young people to gain employment, education to enable youth to become contributing members of society, and improved quality of life for families in the community. Events organized by the SMWC include Women's History Month, the Cora M. Allen Fashion Show Luncheon and Essay Contest, and the HERA awards.

"I'm honestly incredibly thrilled and honored," said Hill. "The Commission works directly for the Mayor of Shreveport, and I have to say, when Mayor Ollie Tyler came into the first meeting, I was a little star-struck. I also thought about how exciting it will be to work with the Mayor to find ways for the city to advocate for women and children, to help them access resources that can improve their lives now and in the future, and to find ways to alleviate those who are in poverty. I'm passionate about those issues."

Members of the SMWC are all tasked with participating in the management and direction of the organization as well as participating in events held by the SMWC in order to advance its goals.