(April 15, 2015)

Student Research Forum winners announced

SHREVEPORT, LA — Ten students received awards in four separate divisions during Centenary's 24th Annual Student Research Forum, April 10 and 17. The annual forum is sponsored by the Douglas A. and Marion S. Attaway Foundation.

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First place poster presenter Morgan Navalance

Humanities oral presentation

1st place

Daryn Beaugh

Don Juan Filhiol and the Transformation of Northeast Louisiana during the Spanish Colonial Period

2nd place

Alissa Brown

Hopes of a Better Afterlife: Similarities in Funerary Art Between Early Christianity and Mystery Cults

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place

Chris Cates

Identification of Novel Genes Controlling Flowering Time in Sorghum bicolor

2nd place

Tierra Range

Development in Donor-Acceptor Type Block Copolymer for use in Bulk-Heterojunction Photovoltaics

3rd place

Eli Capello

Sex Sells: Deconstruction of the Male Sex Bias in Biomedical Research

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place

Ryan Stevens

NFL Franchise and Metropolitan Areas: A Study of the Effects Due to the Existence of a Franchise during the 2013 season

2nd place

Lauren Marlar

Attitudes, Perceptions, and Priorities of Non-Profit Administration and Clientele

Poster session

1st place

Morgan Navalance

Examination of Genes Controlling Flowering Time During Leaf Development in Sorghum biocolor

2nd place

Dolores Ross

Phylogenetic Analysis of the Upstream Region of the Arcanolysin Gene from Smooth and Rough Biotypes of Aracanobacterium haemolyticum

3rd place

Zach Stielper

Is PAR Binding Necessary for Oxidative Stress-Induced Iduna Upregulation in ARPE-19 Cells?

This year, students shared more than 20 independent studies, senior seminars, or summer research projects with the Centenary community.