(May 4, 2015)

Centenary awards 154 diplomas May 2 during 2015 commencement

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary's class of 2015 crossed the Gold Dome stage in cap and gown Saturday, May 2 to receive their hard-earned degrees.

The College awarded 78 bachelor of arts degrees, 54 bachelor of science degrees, and 22 master's degrees in education or business. Nine students graduated summa cum laude, having earned grade point averages of 3.9 or higher. Fifteen students have earned the magna cum laude designation, with a 3.7 to 3.89 GPA, and 19 achieved cum laude status, having earned a 3.5 to 3.69 GPA.

This year Emory University's Dr. Jay B. Varkey and Katherine 'Kay' Hammer received honorary degrees. Hammer grew up in Shreveport and attended Centenary College from 1963-1965 before graduating with a degree in English from the University of Iowa in 1967. She earned a Ph.D. in English Linguistics from the University of Iowa and was an Assistant Professor of English at both Coe College and Washington State University before embarking on a career in computer science that included stints at Texas Instruments and the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC). In 1991, she co-founded Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc., a software company offering enterprise solutions for data management. ETI was the first spin-out from the MCC research consortium, and Hammer led the company as President and CEO until 2005.


Brooke Claire Bahlinger
Lauren Elaine Beurlot
Blake M. Bourgoyne
Alissa Kay Brown
Angelle Celine DeVillier
Emilie Danielle Harmeyer
Kellan Peter Klaus
Alexandra Lauren Ross
Adam Carl Stephens


Addie Jane Barron
Daryn Joseph Beaugh
Elias Brooks Capello
Hayley Clarice Cooper
Kaitlyn Eleanor Cornwell
Laura Jean Croteau
Jeremy John Hall
Samuel Abraham Hall
Ryan Matthew O'Donnell
Paige Rochelle Pritchett
Matthew Miles Robinson
Celia Sage Sobelman
Zachary Francis Stielper
Kayla Frances Thornhill
Gemma Zuniga


Angélica Adame-Téllez
Kody Michael Carson
Kevin Chiang
Faith Lynae Clingen
Lauren M. Cullen
Walker Gamble
Cameron Hughes
Kayla Elizabeth King
Andrea Stephanie Lemus
Lauren Elizabeth Marlar
Nicole Martinez
Ellen Elizabeth Orr
Chelsea Dawn Petska
Matthew Stuart Roberts
George William Rolfe IV
Bernard William Sanchez, Jr.
Jamillia ShaDawn Stevenson
Yesenia Vargas
Christina Lee Wolterman


The following students have distinguished themselves by achieving Departmental Honors in the designated disciplines, signifying the completion of an intensive research project with presentation of the results to student peers and faculty.

Alissa Kay Brown, Religious Studies
Elias Brooks Capello, Neuroscience
Samuel Abraham Hall, Biology
Kayla Elizabeth King, Religious Studies
Kellan Peter Klaus, Religious Studies
Lauren Elizabeth Marlar, Psychology
Alexandra Lauren Ross, Biology/Neuroscience
Zachary Francis Stielper, Biology


Jordan Mallory Aarstad, Psychology
Angélica Adame-Téllez, Sociology
Brooke Claire Bahlinger, History and Political Science
Meredith Lindsey Ball, Music: Sacred Music
Jessica Sarah Bato, Music
Daryn Joseph Beaugh, History and Geology
Daniel Christopher Oleisky Black, Geology
Cameron M. Brandao, Biology
Jesse Garland Brawley, Communication: Film, Television, and Video
Alissa Kay Brown, Religious Studies
Cameron Davis Bueche, Psychology
Caden L. Cheramie, Communication: New Media
Rachel Kathryn Clampitt, History
Amanda Nicole Colby, English
Hayley Clarice Cooper, Music: Performance
Erin Hope Crites, Individualized Major: Cultural Studies
Lauren M. Cullen, Communication: New Media
Mara Grace Cumberland, Sociology
Dustin Allen Dalton, English
Laura Christian Deen, Political Science
Nichole Elizabeth Duvall, Psychology and Art: Studio Arts
Jordan Emery Fell, Theatre and Art: Studio Arts
Walker Keith Gamble, Communication: New Media
Ryan Scott Gasporra, Sociology
Roy T. Guccione III, Geology
Cadie Mae Hancock, Communication: New Media
Emilie Danielle Harmeyer, Biology
Joshua Caleb Holmes, Sociology
Cameron Hughes, Economics
Natalie Kay Nichole Humbert, Biology
Jennifer Nichole Humphrey, Psychology
Aaron Michael Johnson, Communication: Film, Television, and Video
Sylvia Marie Keiter, Biology
Brett C. Kessel, Theatre
Kayla Elizabeth King, Religious Studies
Kellan Peter Klaus, Religious Studies
Lauren Elizabeth Marlar, Psychology
Rhonda Taylor Martin, English
Jacob Allen Dean McFarland, Biology
James Anthony McMaster, Political Science
Molly Louise Melone, History
Ninjia Clarissa Miles, Sociology
James Beau Fontaine Montgomery, Mathematics
Ryan Matthew O'Donnell, Economics
Ellen Elizabeth Orr, English
Nicholas Chaise Parrott, Geology
Whitney Lee Patterson, Psychology
Chelsea Dawn Petska, Biology
Matthew Joseph Posey, History
Regina Ann Price, Theatre
Zachary Paul Provenza, Economics
Julia Lorena Puac, Sociology
Joshua Blake Ritter, Music
Matthew Miles Robinson, English
Chelsea Jayne Russell, Biology and History
Paul Howard Savage, Jr., Communication: New Media
Catherine Elizabeth Shackelford, Psychology
Emily Ruth Shelton, Psychology
John David Sidery, Economics
Joseph Vincent Signorelli, Theatre
Carly Michelle Slovensky, Communication: Film, Television, and Video
Adam Carl Stephens, Communication: Professional Writing
Ryan Gregory Stevens, Economics
Larryian Marie Taylor, Art: Studio Arts
Taylor Lynn Theus, Biology
Nicole Anne Tiedge, English
André Brenan Trahan, Music: Choral Music
Yesenia Vargas, French
Yesenia Vargas, Political Science
Emma Lynette Viskozki, Communication: New Media
Emily Danielle Ware, Geology
Patrick Ryan Weidner, Psychology
Marilyn Blakely Wells, History and Art: Studio Arts
Isaiah G. Whitaker, Mathematics
Brie Mekensi Wiggins, Biology
Kendrick S. Williams, Art: Studio Arts
Heather Danielle Wilson, Religious Studies
Gabriel Anthony Zahm, French
Gemma Zuniga, Economics
Gemma Zuniga, Political Science


Addie Jane Barron, Biophysics
Lauren Elaine Beurlot, Business Administration: Accounting
Andrew Mark Borel, Biology
Blake M. Bourgoyne, Chemistry
Castaralla Albertina Brown, Biology
Marissa Brown, Theatre
Elias Brooks Capello, Neuroscience
Kody Michael Carson, Business Administration: Finance
Kevin Chiang, Biology
Faith Lynae Clingen, Biochemistry
Kaitlyn Eleanor Cornwell, Business Administration: Accounting
Laura Jean Croteau, Biology
Horacio Paul Vincent D'Agostino, Biology
Angelle Celine DeVillier, Business Administration: Accounting
Kadidiatou Diawara, Neuroscience
Christopher Cavett Feazel, Business Administration: Accounting
Ricardo Bryan Garcia, Biology
Jamie Liam Gibson, Geology
Jeremy John Hall, Business Administration: Management
Samuel Abraham Hall, Biology and Neuroscience
Shelby Ann Havinga, Biology
Caitlyn Mackenzie Hayworth, Business Administration
McKenzie D. Hiser, Business Administration: Finance
Jesse Aaron Holt, Business Administration: Management
Kevin Hurtado, Business Administration: Management
Alexis James, Business Administration: Accounting
Michael John Labat, Biology
Chantel Alise Lee, Biophysics
Andrea Stephanie Lemus, Biology
Hayward Samuel Martin, Business Administration: Accounting
Nicole Martinez, Biology
Gregory Paul Monette, Jr., Business Administration: Accounting
Lauren Christine Moore, Neuroscience
Saro Nubari Ntagha, Geology
Ryan Matthew O'Donnell, Mathematics: Theoretical Mathematics
Brooks Taylor Pawsat, Geology
Paige Rochelle Pritchett, Biophysics
Matthew Stuart Roberts, Business Administration: Accounting
George William Rolfe IV, Biology
Alexandra Lauren Ross, Neuroscience
Kayla Andre' Ruth, Business Administration
Bernard William Sanchez, Jr., Biology
Christian Scott Sebastien, Business Administration
Arni Muggur Sigurdsson, Neuroscience
Celia Sage Sobelman, Biology
Jamillia ShaDawn Stevenson, Business Administration: Accounting
Zachary Francis Stielper, Biology and Neuroscience
Hank C. Strickler, Business Administration: Finance
Ashley Nicole Strong, Biology
Kayla Frances Thornhill, Biology
William Bradley Trimble II, Biology
Erasmo Valdez II, Business Administration
Christina Lee Wolterman, Biology
Gabriel Anthony Zahm, Biology and Biophysics


Laura Marie Adams
Ashley Lynn Arthur
Ashley Voorhies Atkins
DeQuinton Harrison
Travis Barton Hill
Laura Beam Johnson
Renée Leanora LaGarde
Dayton James Landry
Douglas A. Lechner
Kezia L. Pigford
Antonio Alberto Ramallo
Sarah Elisabeth Roussel


Christina Mechelle Heard
Charles Edwin McAllister, Jr.
James Addison McCalmont IV
Sevetri Moore-Guillaume
David Douglas Pettiette, Sr.
Trenton Shepherd
Craig Patrick Storer
Ronnie Arold Wagley, Jr.
Kelly Jon Wells
Sara Elizabeth Wilkerson


Dr. Jay B. Varkey, Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa
Katherine Kay Hammer, Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa