(August 6, 2015)

Faculty, staff, and students set off for the 2nd annual Centenary in Paris


SHREVEPORT, LA — 165 excited students, faculty, and staff members departed Centenary College's campus throughout the day Wednesday for the 2nd annual Centenary in Paris. The intensive learning experience gives students the opportunity to jump-start their college career while encouraging them to integrate cultural competency into their education. 10 faculty members will teach six different immersive courses in Paris, France, from Thursday, August 6 to Thursday, August 13.

"Seeing our newest Ladies and Gents off to Paris is a day that the Admission team looks forward to," said Rachel Madison, Associate Director of Admission. "We've had the opportunity to get to know these students over the past year, working with them every step of the way leading to Paris. We are excited to follow their journey in Paris and beyond and we look forward to seeing the next freshman class through to this day."

The group arrived in Paris the morning of Thursday, August 6 and checked into the international youth hostel, FIAP Jean Monnet, before starting orientation. Students will immediately dive into the local culture — the Louvre, Montparnasse Cemetery, Luxembourg Gardens, and the Eiffel Tower are just a handful of the places that students will have the opportunity to see and learn about with emphasis on their course of study.

Many students have expressed their excitement for Centenary in Paris via social media using the hashtag #CentenaryInParis. The president of the college, David Rowe, tweeted "Is your college serious about preparing you to lead in a global society? @CentenaryLA is" on the morning of departure. You can follow a compilation of social media posts by the students along with live updates from Paris at centenary.edu/paris.

Upon the students' return, there will be a 2015 Centenary in Paris Exhibition at Centenary's Magale Library that will display works created by students during their time in France. Visual works, such as posters and photography, will be displayed on the first floor, and poetry readings will be held on the library's second floor in the Student Resource Center. The event takes place Saturday, August 29, from 3 — 5 p.m. and is open to the public.