(October 27, 2015)

Centenary students can earn a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in four years

MAT Program

SHREVEPORT, LA —Students who enter Centenary College with the desire to become educators have the rare opportunity to earn both a bachelor's degree in a content field and a Master of Arts in Teaching within four years.

"As part of the College's commitment to give students the opportunity to Do More in Four, we have created an academic calendar and a course structure that make it possible and practical for students to complete the requirements for both degrees within a traditional four-year timeframe and with the same tuition as a single degree," says Dr. Jenifer K. Ward, Provost and Dean of the College. "Undergraduates can begin taking graduate education courses and complete their Praxis exams as they are completing their undergraduate degrees, all the while taking advantage of the intimate academic environment that a residential liberal arts college like Centenary provides."

Centenary's Do More in Four commitment includes an academic calendar that features one-of-a-kind hybrid semesters with both immersive and traditional terms. Typical courses at the College are also now worth four credit hours, enabling a structure that allows students to complete B.A. or B.S. requirements at a faster pace and incorporate the Master's level degree into their four-year plan. In addition to the opportunity to complete a graduate degree, the accelerated pace made possible by Do More in Four gives Centenary students flexibility to pursue global study and service, complete professional internships, or collaborate with faculty on original research.

"We're very excited about the possibilities that are opening up for our students," says Dr. Dominic Salinas, Director of the Department of Education. "Students will have the opportunity to teach while they're completing coursework, gaining valuable experience for the clinical practice that is the capstone of the MAT degree."

For more information about how Centenary empowers students to Do More in Four years, visit centenary.edu/domore.