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Annual Review of Computer Science

Computer Science Index (formerly Computer Literature Index)
Offers abstracting and indexing of academic journals, professional publications, and reference sources. Covers more than 6,500 periodicals and books, back to the mid 1960s. Subjects: artificial intelligence, expert systems, system design, data structures, computer theory, computer systems and architecture, software engineering, human-computer interaction, new technologies, social and professional context, and much more.,uid&profile=web&defaultdb=ckh

Computer Source
Provides researchers with the latest information and current trends in high technology. This database offers full text for nearly 300 publications and indexing and abstracts for nearly 450 publications.,uid&profile=web&defaultdb=cph

JSTOR Arts and Sciences I, II, and III Interdisciplinary Collections
Archive of over 394 journals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Each of the three core Arts & Sciences Collections introduces new academic disciplines into the archive. The Arts & Sciences Complement enables institutions to build upon these core collections, adding new journals in existing disciplines and cross-disciplinary fields over time. There are no overlaps (titles included in more than one collection) among the Arts & Sciences Collections. The Biological Sciences Collection is an interdisciplinary archive of journals covering the life sciences. The Biological Sciences Collection has minimal overlap with the Arts & Sciences I Collection and is JSTOR's first multidisciplinary collection branching out into the natural and applied sciences.


Computer Science Subject Guide
Information on materials by subject are in Magale Library's reference area, stacks call numbers, and periodicals. Also provided are web sites, electronic journals, electronic texts, and online associations to further research in each area.

Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

Computer History Museum: Online Exhibits

Computer Software and Hardware Resources

DOE Information Bridge

EXCEL EASY Tutorial skills for Microsoft EXCEL made easy

Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library