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Complete list of subscription databaseslibrary/research/databaseindex

MathSci Net (American Mathematical Society)
Bibliographic with abstracts from Mathematical Reviews and current Mathematical Publications; 11,014 items added in 2006; 1,800 journals covering 1940-present; links to 689,921 original articles; 12,145 active reviewers; 447,257 authors indexed.

JSTOR - Arts & Sciences I The Arts & Sciences I Collection
Includes the complete back runs of 119 titles in fifteen disciplines. JSTOR's first collection includes core research and society published journals in economics, history, political science, and sociology in other key fields as the humanities and social sciences. This collection also includes a selection of titles in the more science-oriented fields of ecology, mathematics, and statistics.


Math Subject Guides
Information on materials by subject are in Magale Library's reference area, stacks call numbers, and periodicals. Also provided are web sites, electronic journals, electronic texts, and online associations to further research in each area.
Mathematics: Algebralibrary/reference/subject/mathalg
Mathematics: Geometry & Calculuslibrary/reference/subject/mathgeo

Archives to Math Resources

Biography/History of Mathematics

Center for Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

Online Derivative Calculator

Online Integral Calculator